Oleh: ditogendut | 2 Agustus 2008

China’s Internet Liberated

Wikipedia August 2nd 2008, 12.45 PM

“The International Olympic Committee and Chinese organizers announce that all Internet Restrictions have been lifted for media covering the Beijing Games.”

When I read this news, the first thing that crosses my mind was “there’s Internet Restriction in China?”. Wow… I never know that. I thought that since China has been developing rapidly these past years that it only natural for them to have an unrestricted internet access there.

Well, Indonesia don’t have one as far as I know, and I always thought that Indonesia is quite conservative. Seeing that news made me re-think about Indonesia. I guess this country is quite liberal when it comes to information.

It’s not that we can’t put restrictions (remember the case of the movie “fitna” that was banned from Indonesia’s internet publications), but it’s just that our supposedly conservative views still respects certain boundaries of it’s people’s rights. As long an information does not have the potencials to become a source of mass conflict, the government deemed it unnecessary for them to regulate it.

I guess it’s true. Indonesia does getting better than some other countries when it comes to some civil rights. Well, I can’t say that it’s perfect already, but it’s not bad.

It gives me the shivers just imagining not being able to access all things that the internet has to offer. It’ll be worst nightmare. For instance, only being able to access local news, can’t post in blogs, cant join any forum, can’t watch movies at youtube, can’t download music, and ultimately can not freely read wikipedia. I think I’ll die drowned in my own pool of tears when that happens to Indonesia.

Anyway, kudos to the People’s Republic of China’s people. Welcome to the all access internet. Hahaha…


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