Oleh: ditogendut | 27 September 2008

The “F” Word

You Are 100% Weird

You’re more than quirky, you’re downright strange.

But you’re also strangely compelling, like a cult leader.

How Weird Are You?

Oh good Lord. Gue tahu kalau untuk beberapa orang, kata ini masih sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat kasar, tapi pas gue baca joke ini di sini, gue nggak bisa menahan diri untuk berbagi. Kalau ada beberapa poin yang sulit kelihatan lucunya di mana, silahkan periksa wikipedia. Wakakaka… So enjoy! (NB: gue paling suka sama nomor 5)

These are the only ten times in history the “F” word has been acceptable for use…

10. “What the @#$% was that?” –Mayor Of Hiroshima, 1945

9. “Where did all those @#$%ing Indians come from?” –Custer, 1877

8. “Any @#$%ing idiot could understand that.” –Einstein, 1938

7. “It does so @#$%ing look like her!” –Picasso, 1926

6. “How the @#$% did you work that out?” –Pythagoras, 126 BC

5. “You want WHAT on the @#$%ing ceiling?” –Michelangelo,1566

4. “Where the @#$% are we?” –Amelia Earhart, 1937

3. “Scattered @#$%ing showers…. my ass!” –Noah, 4314 BC

2. “Aw c’mon. Who the @#$% is going to find out?” –Bill Clinton, 1999

And . . . drum roll . . . . .

1. “Geez, I didn’t think they’d get this @%#*^ing mad.” –Osama bin Laden, November, 2001


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