Oleh: ditogendut | 22 Maret 2009

First Post Of 2009


I’ve been putting off writing for a while, it seems. It’s been… what? 31 days? Wow… a month? Geez… And this is the first post in the year 2009. Yaiks…

It’s not like I’ve lost interest in writing. But I’ve been so busy this past month. What with internship and new years eve, it’s been impossible for me to find even the smallest amount of time to write.

And one other thing. Since I’ve begin my internship my life evolves around it ever since. So many things happened, and I’m thankful because most of it are funny things. But I don’t think I can write it and post it here since those things are closely related to work and I’m afraid not every people can understand the funny part of it.

Except maybe one…

There was this one day when we didn’t have much to do at the office. Things that must be finished that day had already been done by lunch time. So my friends and I just tried to pass the time by browsing the internet.

The senior assistant in my office had just made an account in friendster a few days before, and she was eager to look for her friends who also had a friendster account.

Well, one of her friends is Lala. And this Lala put the name of lala_pink_… for her friendster account. Since this senior assistant was typing while eating some snack, she accidently typed lalat_pink_… (pink fly) instead of lala_pink.

One of the intern who was watching her told her about the error.

Right about then, another intern interjected and asked, “Lalat pink? Hmm… I wonder how it would look?”

The first intern answered, “Maybe it’s some kind of lipstick wearing fly.”

Me and my wild and overly cartoonish imagination, can’t avoid picturing a fly with an very big pair of lips, wearing a very pink lipstick, flying around looking for victims to kiss. That, and since I also have a friend who adopted fly as his symbol, I just can’t avoid picturing him wearing a pink lipstick, and with that I lost it.

I just can’t stop laughing for nearly 10 minutes.

I was just glad that the notary was not in the office at the time. Because if she did, well, maybe she would think that I’ve lost my marbles or something and she’d promptly send me to a nut house. I really can’t stop laughing. The other interns and the senior asisstant even got worried because I kept laughing non stop. Even I was worried!

Well, that was one of the stories of one of the easier days. But believe me… even the smallest notary office will have those particular days when the cases just seems pouring in like torrential rain. Just like last Friday, all hell seems to broke loose or something. We had tons of assignment, and we had to finish it all at once.

Damn… my head nearly melted that day.

Well, I guess this is it for to day. I hope I can write more next time (and hopefully not in English, what’s wrong with me today?).


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